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Things Doctors Say

What Doctors say about Magnesium

Thousands of clinical tests advocate the evidence!
“How two divergent paths; it seems that the more we learn about the benefits of magnesium we discover the side effects of prescription drugs,” says Dr. Carolyn Dean, author of The Miracle of Magnesium.
Thousands of clinical tests have proved the benefits of magnesium.
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About THAT Magnesium™ Products

THAT Magnesium™ product range addresses a vast number of ailments, sicknesses and health disorders that has become common among people in our modern day society. Most of these conditions can be contributed to magnesium deficiency due to our modern diets consisting of refined foods and mineral depleted fresh produce. Below follow some featured products that may help for the most common conditions.

Product Range

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Magnesium combined with herbs - naturally!
Over the past eleven years we have developed and manufactured an impressive range of products; natural supplements that aids the human body in combating sicknesses and diseases that range from a common flu to serious cardio vascular and heart diseases.
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Naturally occurring Magnesium

The miracle working properties of Magnesium as a Supplement.

Nature's Healing Mineral
DID YOU KNOW, that approximately 80% of adults are chronically Magnesium deficient? Magnesium is referred to as the "Master Mineral" because it is responsible for over 350 vital functions in your body. When Magnesium is deficient ...
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Stabilises blood sugar and insulin levels. Alleviates burning feet.

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In order to comply with new legislation by the MCC regarding trade and product names, That Magnesium Products (Pty)Ltd, currently trading respectively as Miracle Magnesium and Body Detox, will forthwith be trading as THAT Magnesium™. This name change will gradually be implemented over time. Some of our products will still be available in pharmacies as Miracle Magnesium for some time. We thank our loyal customers for their generous and continued support.


MINERAL Magnesium Products (Pty)Ltd makes no claim that any products as advertised on this website is a cure for any disease or that any medication should be discontinued. These products are supplements. If you are sick, please consult a health care professional.

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