MigroMAG Oral Liquid - 250ml
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THAT Magnesiumâ„¢ Headaches|Migraines a unique combination of organic minerals and herbs formulated to alleviated headaches and reduce migraine attacks. Cayenne works to desensitize nerve endings by releasing the pain-inducing chemical called substance P, a neurotransmitter that sends pain messages to your brain. Wood betony works well for stress and anxiety and has powerful anti-inflammatory qualities. Feverfew is used as a preventative treatment for migraines and can help reduce the frequency of migraine attacks. Skullcap has tranquilizing effects on the nervous system to relieve anxiety, insomnia and nervous tension. Rosemary tea can help encourage a healthy flow of blood to the brain. Lavender relieves migraine headache symptoms such as nausea.

Symptoms associated with Migraines / Headaches:
- Throbbing pain on one or both sides of the head
- Pain behind your eyes
- Nausea