The results of a prospective, randomized double-blind study of magnesium substitution in pregnancy are reported. Of 997 gravidae, 985 were included in the study.

Of these, 485 received magnesium aspartate (Mg 5-Longoral) and 500 a placebo.

The results show that the course of pregnancy was better in the group which received the magnesium aspartate in a daily dose of 15 mmol (Mg 5-Longoral) than in the group given placebo. Among the women treated with magnesium were fewer premature births (less than 258 days' gestation).

The proportion of newborns, small for date (less than 2500 g), was lower, as was the proportion of newborns with intrauterine retardation (greater than 10th percentile).

There were significantly fewer cases of EPH gestosis in the magnesium group, and no serious side effects of treatment. In the authors' opinion, magnesium substitution should be included in routine antenatal care.

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